Bolechow, 16 January 1939


Dear Joe and Dear Mina and dear children,


Youíll be wondering, dear Cousin, why Iím writing to you after so many years; Iíd have written you continuously if youíd only wished itÖIíll hope that you and the dear family are well, how are things in the business?  I donít know, and Iíll hope that the answer is ďgoodĒ Ė my siblings arenít doing well, and the worst of all is that all of them are sick; anyway I hardly need to tell you what you yourself know best.

 Since by now the times that have arisen can only be called strange, if not indeed hard to believe, with respect to the troubles of the Jews, Iíll hope all the more that youíll be able to help me if only with a letter in response, if you canít help me with anything elseó

 Naturally, I come to you with the following entreaty only if itís something youíre able to do; an accidentóno, a disasteróhas recently befallen me, namely one of my trucks has been burned, the one for which I had a permit, and I simply must have another and itís not possible any more for me to get so much money together, and I canít write to my siblings, since theyíll only get terribly worried, and at any rate they wonít be able to help me out.

 On the one hand Iím not even sure, dear cousin, that youíll respond to this letter of mine, but Iíll hope you will.  And so Iím begging you: help me out of this, as far as itís possible for you. & if possible get in touch with my Schneelicht brother-in-law and get him involved in helping, too.

 I will note for you that in the event that I donít buy another Truck by March 1st , 1939 my state permit [to be in business] will be taken away, and also that Iím the only Jew in our community business board who even had a permit for a truck.

 I wonít write to you a whining lettter about how until now I had a permit, and am the head of a beautiful household, and have four well-brought-up beautiful daughters, donít let me go on about all that, I just want to go on working and not be a burden to anyone.

 Consequently, since I know that an American busniness man doesnít have time to read so much, I wonít write too much, and will hope that you and your dear wife have understood me here, and Iíll wait for a call from you, my dearsóto whom should I turn in times of need but to my own?óI embrace you and kiss you and dear Mina and the dear darling children.


My wife and dear children hug and kiss you many times over,

   Your Cousin



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